Thursday, December 17, 2015

Single Parent Travel Friendly (SPTF) Reviews... Wait What?!?

I Know That title is a mouthful but it best Identifies my goals For This aspect of the blog. This year will not only be a year of travel, though I hope to include some of that. Instead it will be a year of me shuffling minors Through airports, train stations, and RV parks. It will be a year of me choosing That accommodations are suitable for children, dining in the local mini That welcome Both me and my crew, dragging three children across the open road all by myself, and Generally making travel decisions based on how myself and my children Can They Be Accommodated.

From time to time I will post reviews from SPTF That places only make traveling with children a breeze and a delight to Those That Make it a living hell. These reviews will be designed to help make the single parent traveling Informed Travel related decisions based on the experiences of others.

Before we move on to Clarify Please allow me one thing ... what I mean by single parent. This is NOT to exclude married, dating, or co-habituating parents. All are welcome! In This context is a single parent traveling Who is traveling with anyone Their child or children all by Themselves, Either this one time or for extended periods of time.

I so, what can you expect? When I review a company (or Receive reviews from other single parents traveling to post here ... hint hint) I will post the title SPTF: (Name of company reviewed / 0-5 Which number will be the score With the company received Being absolutely outstanding 5 to 0 Being horrific.

If you would like to send me a review to post here please email me at With the subject Being the same as the title (SPTF: (Name of company reviewed / a number 0-5)) and the review in the body of the email.

I'm excited to share my experiences with you. I'm even more excited for you to share your experiences with me and other single parent travelers.

So Until we meet somewhere around the globe or I Receive your review; -) ... Peace, Blessings, and Safe Travels!

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