Friday, December 18, 2015

Packing for our first trip... The struggle is real!

Do I need five pairs of underwear or eight? Should I pack my son's this long sleeve t-shirt or short sleeve? Can I squeeze just one more pair of shoes in this bag? All play clothes or should I throw a fancy outfit in there. You know... Just in case? Yes, the packing struggle is real and that is exactly where I am at in my life. My bedroom floor is littered with four opened half packed suitcases, a hodgepodge of clothes that haven't won the right to join the others in a suitcase yet, and a variety of miscellaneous toiletries and gadgets.


One part of me says "Ah, don't worry about it. If you forget it just buy it when you get there. Or don't even worry about it. You'll only be in Costa Rica for four days." The other part sounds something like "FOUR DAYS in Costa Rica??? Hurry! Fit anything and everything you have ever used in your life into this bag. FOUR DAYS!!!". This civil war going on in my head over packing has left my room a mess and our bags unpacked. 

No one warns you about this part of traveling. The dreaded packing and the worry that comes with it to make sure we have everything we might need. It's funny though because when I travel domestically solo I am a packing champ. As a matter of fact I keep a jump bag in my closet packed with clothes, undies, and toiletries with liquids already measured out in little 3oz bottles. When the opportunity to go comes I'm already ready to catch the next flight. 

So why is it so difficult now? I'll have to guess it's the added element of being international and not being sure what to expect. Do I need a power converter or no? Will they have a target like store in case I forget anything? And even if they do how will I get there and navigate my way around it when the primary language of my destination is not my primary language? Oh, and don't even get me started about the three little pairs of eyes that will be looking to me for guidance! So yeah, I probably should pack that anti-diarrheal medicine and an extra pair of socks for us. 

So to settle the strife I'm gonna pull myself together and get this packing done... Right now... This very morning... Today. Ok! It'll be done before I go to bed tonight. 

So, I think I've settled on this (remember we'll be in Costa Rica for four days):
Five shirts, six pairs of underwear, two pairs of shorts, and a pair of jeans (not counting the pair we will be wearing), our swimsuits, toiletries, and gadgets. Oh and a book and some snacks for each of us. 

This should get us through the first leg of our travel year. We'll learn from our packing mistakes in Costa Rica and be prepared for our next international adventure to Iceland and England. 

So until next time... We'll see ya around the globe. 

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