Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Home Is Wherever We Are Together... Even Trapped in the Airport

Six hours down and only two more to go in this airport. Yes! you read that correctly… we have been in the Charlotte Douglas International Airport for six whole hours. What’s more is that we don’t mind. It hasn’t been nearly as bad as it sounds. As a matter of fact it’s been way more peaceful… no bickers, or arguments or any knock down drag out fights. We’ve just been together. Enjoying each other’s company, enjoying loosing ourselves in our own electronic laden world, and enjoying the hub-bub of the airport. 

I’m impressed with my children to say the least. As I sit here and watch them I know that I have some true JrNomads, full of grace, compassion, patience, and most importantly curiosity. So before I go and talk to the gate agents about our new flight arrangements (they expect me to de-board and get to the next plane in a lighting fast three minutes) I want to leave you with my observations from our first travel day of our new journey. First, how you choose to handle a situation is up to you. How you feel (angry, upset, happy, or glad) is completely up to you. Although our situation was not ideal with our initial flight being canceled and us being rebooked six ours later I chose to not let it get the best of me. The bright side was it was my birthday and I was doing exactly what I wanted to be doing on my birthday and that was traveling. I remained happy and the situation has remained stress free. I could have gotten all up set and out of sorts and then my children would have felt that and observed that and been upset and out of sorts. We would have fed off of each others energy and today just might have been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. My second observation is that home is where we are together. We could have snuggled up on the couch watching movies instead of stranded in the airport but in reality it didn’t matter. We were together and we were happy. So no matter where we are, as long as we are together, as long as we remain a unit, we will be ok.

So until I see you somewhere around the globe… be peaceful, happy, and keep trying to look on the bright side :-)


  1. Christina, you are truly amazing and I hope you know that. I am so proud of you for making your dream a reality. So much was going on that I failed to wish you a Happy birthday.. so Happy Belated Birthday. May God continue to encamp you with a fence of protective angels as you travel the world Nomadic Mama!!!!

  2. So very proud of you Christina! What a joy it is to see you living and walking out your dream. You are one amazing woman. I am praying for safe travel mercies for you as God encamps a fence of angels around you. Happy belated birthday Nomadic mama!!