Monday, July 25, 2016

Settling in Sunny Las Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas

Yesterday marked our three week anniversary of us arriving in hot and sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. I know this may sound like the beginning of a long adventurous tale of a whirlwind trip to Sin City and all the many glamorous things we did and saw there but I’m afraid it is not. In fact, this is a tale of a more permanent nature. One that tells the story of us packing up everything we could fit in a box truck and selling and giving away everything else, throwing the kids in the RV and hitting the road to never return to Charlotte. OK! Maybe that’s a little drastic. We will, of course, be returning to Charlotte (for holidays and summer breaks).

The question we keep getting is why Las Vegas? Now that I’m experiencing this 115 degree weather I am asking myself the same thing. But once the sun starts to set and it begins to cool off I instantly remember why Vegas. Because Las Vegas is absolutely amazing. Our goal was to pick up and start fresh. New scenery, new experiences, new home base, new life and Vegas is providing all of that. Let’s start with the scenery. The mountains that situate Vegas into the bowl it is nestled into are stunning. Growing up in the Great Smokey Mountains region I am not new to mountains but I am new to mountains with no trees. The “rocky” mountains a gorgeous and it is a sight to see them change colors as the day progresses. I could go on and on about how pretty it is here but I’ll save the rest for another post. As far as experiences we are certainly enjoying new ones… everything from making milkshake runs at 3a, walking the strip to be among all the beautiful sights and sounds, eating dinner at the top of the stratosphere as it rotates, to even a lot minute road trip to LA to enjoy the beach and delicious fried chicken in Compton. 

Our new home base on the west side of the country is everything we imagined it would be. We are settling in nicely and happily getting adjusted to our new life. We’ve decided to take the rest of the year to explore areas around our new home as we adjust to being “west coasters”. We’re saving the next leg of our international journey for 2017.

Any suggestions for what to see and do on this side of the country? In the meantime here are some shots of us settling into our new city and enjoying nearby cities alike.

So until you see us on the road or somewhere around the globe… Peace, Love, and Keep Traveling!

Birthday girl turning 11 here in Vegas

My silly guys out watching the fireworks on the strip

My guys after a trip to the Las Vegas Children's Museum

Our visit to the Adventuredome... we had a blast riding those coasters

Had to include this one to show you just how hot it is here

A nice, kid-free dinner at the top of the Stratosphere

I had duck confit and it was yummy

View from our dinner table

View from the top

Road to LA to hit the beach

We made it to Santa Monica pier

Now time for some beach action

More beach action

The boys touching a sea cucumber in the mini aquarium on the pier 

My girl

An "usie" from the top... viewing the Hollywood Sign