Friday, December 25, 2015

Costa Rica (Day 3 Recap)

Today we spent the entire day and Playa Blanca. I can't express how wonderful this beach is. Now, I consider myself a beach connoisseur of sorts and I must say that this beach ranks among one of the best beasts I've ever been to. The water was clear and warm, the sand felt like we were walking on blankets and the trees the jutted out from the rainforests offered the perfect cover from the sun. The kids and I had a blast. We swam, we explored, we relaxed. The perfect final day to a perfect trip. I won't bore you with the details but I will offer you some pictures of our day so you can see for yourself.

I'm off to relax for a bit before I have to get up and get us packed up to leave tomorrow. I must admit I am really sad to go. Just when I was getting in the grove of communicating, living, and loving Costa Rica it's time to go. Next time I'll certainly schedule a much longer trip.

Until I see you somewhere around the globe or until we speak again... Live, Love, and most importantly Pura Vida.
When we first arrived we got to witness a group of monkeys stealing peoples unattended belongings on the beach. This experience mad us extra vigilant about knowing where our stuff was at all times.

Brothers... Enough said!

The gorgeous whites sands of Playa Blanca

Baby boy Jr Nomad ready to dive into the waves

He thinks he's a fish


The beach backs right up to the rainforest
Ah! Salt water in my eyes

My Jr Nomads out there getting used to the water

 Enjoying my time with my babies
More spectacular views

Off to go explore those beautiful rocks over there

Just being him

Climbing the rocks to get a better look 
Them wondering how we would get down in a hurry because the rocks were like walking on hot coals
Our view from the rocks... we actually found a cave up there

A family of cranes protecting their nest way up here and Nay contemplating exploring the cave we found

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful way to this adventure.