Monday, April 25, 2016

I Write This Post With A Heavy Heart

I am writing this blog post with a heavy heavy heart. My mother passed away two weeks ago and I wasn’t even on the continent when it happened, much less by her side. The kids and I were in Reykjavik, Iceland when she passed away and had to fly to London that next morning. It was a very stressful experience being out of the country during a family emergency. Extremely stressful. Since we were stuck in London for two days we decided to see what we could. It was a weird feeling of excitement and grief all mixed together. We did enjoy what we were able to see of London on the big red bus though.

Here's just a few random shots from our Journey's around London:


Then we returned to Charlotte only to have a strange man break into our house. I had to defend my house with a kitchen knife and that was terrifying. Fortunately no one was hurt… physically, but my mental is pretty beaten up. It has been a stressful couple of weeks to say the least. I won’t go into all of the details here and now. I’m not ready to talk about everything just yet. I just wanted to offer an explanation as to why I’ve been pretty absent from the blog and other Nomadic Mama Social media, especially after journeying to two amazing places. In the meantime I am working on next steps. Trying to figure out an answer to what now. Now more than ever do I want to make sure I get the steps to this journey right.

I know for sure that I will continue to travel. I know for sure I will continue to write. I know for sue I will continue to build the Nomadic Mama of 3 brand (as well we the publishing company). I know for sure I will continue to pursue my dreams of merging my passions of traveling and writing. I know for sure I will relocate (*waving* see you soon Vegas). I’m excited to see how all the avenues in my life will merge of form a new path that I will journey down.

So until you see me on the road or somewhere around the globe… peace, blessings, and tell the ones you love just how much you love them!

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  1. The path you've chosen is absolutely awesome! Kudos to you for pursuing your PhD while "world schooling" your children. I pray safety, good health and "more than enough" for you and your family. v#BlackGirlsRock