Friday, April 8, 2016

New Adventures and the Dreaded 7 Letter Word

We've been home for only a month and are already getting the itch to be on the move again. That's the nomadic lifestyle for you. Staying in one place for to long makes you feel all... settled down. Luckily just one more sleep before we are off on another adventure. This time we're packing up and heading to Iceland with a quick little jaunt over to England for a couple of days. We are very excited about this trip. The only thing is is that dreaded 7 letter word I mentioned above. Yep! You guessed it... Packing! 

If you've been following our journey then you probably remember me mitching and boaning (yes I made that up... this blog is rated pg lol) about packing to go to Costa Rica. Well this time it's worse. Not only are we #teamcarryon but we only get one carry on item and it can weigh no more than 11lbs. I have been creative to say the least bit I'm happy to report I did it. Four backpacks each weighing in at a healthy 10lbs. How did I do it you ask? Not quickly and definitely not easy that's for sure, but here's what I packed for each of us:

1 pair of shoes
2 pairs of pants
4 sweatshirt/ hoodies
4 tshirts
10 pairs of underwear and socks
1 pair of thermal underwear 

And I spread the toiletries out over the four bags. 

The plan is to buy whatever else we need when we get there (and donate it back) and to wash several times along the way. So there you have it. No magic, no special packing powers... Just a lot of tucking and rolling, squeezing and stuffing. 

This will be our first time traveling so light but we are up for the challenge. In thinker are anyway. The way things are now we can't take our laptops which ultimately means I won't be getting any work done on this trip. I'm not sure I will be able to actually let that slide as much as I would like to. Building a brand and building businesses requires time, energy, and most of all work. No work means everything comes to a screeching halt and  this early in the game I'm not sure that's wise. It could be argued that the trip itself is business.  After all the brand and the businesses that I'm building do focus on travel and it is true that much of what we see and do on this trip will be valuable content for the businesses but I don't know if I can completely step away just yet. No email access, no being in contact with the people helping me get this thing off the ground, not able to write, not able to upload pictures, not able to blog to you guys... I mean that's a big sacrifice. So I am considering just paying the fee for one of the bags so that we can add about 15 more pounds and take our laptops and gadgets and a whole lot of snacks. Yes! I said snacks and not extra clothes. Now I know what you thinking 'hey you're heading to Iceland! Girl you better throw in an extra pair of thermal underwear' and I just might but first I'm thinking about filling the extra space with food. Apparently Iceland is not a cheap place to eat. From what I've been told a ham sandwich and a Coke runs about US$15. Let's do the math… One mom +3 kids times three meals a day times two weeks. That adds up to… Never going to happen! So I'm considering packing things like oatmeal, crackers, tuna, ready made pasta meals, raisins that sort of stuff to offset some of our food costs for at least for a couple of days. Addition to that I've made sure that our accommodations have at least a microwave and refrigerator but have tried to get full kitchens whenever possible. We will go visit the grocery store first thing upon arrival and stack up on affordable food because eating out is not going to be a regular least not in Iceland. 

From the research I've done about Iceland we will have no problem finding all the other stuff we might need. I've rented us a car to travel around the country so that should certainly make things easier. 

Outside of having to pack for it we are super excited about this trip. The goal is to do more live feed to show you where we are and what we're doing. We started using Periscope on our RV adventure but did not keep up with it so we're going to try to get back in it using the live feed on Facebook and Periscope and see how that goes. Stay tuned and be on the lookout for some amazing Icelandic footage from us. 

So until I see you on the road or somewhere around the globe... Peace, love, and keep traveling. 

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