Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Reykjavik, Iceland: Pools, Pies, and Penises

What an amazing day in Reykjavik, Iceland. Yesterday was spent mostly bopping around and exploring downtown. Today we did that plus go swimming in a geothermal pool, visit a penis museum, and eat at the famous Cafe Haiti. An amazing day to say the least. Plus, I actually got some work done, did some networking (enough to justify this being a business trip... shhhhhh I haven't made the big announcement yet), and killed it on updating my social media accounts.

We started off the day (actually we didn't leave until around 1p because Nay slept in. I didn't want to wake him because he was going on 36 hours with only naps. So I HAD to let him get his sleep out. He fell asleep at 5p (Icelandic time and slept until 11a). once he was up we all showered ate breakfast and hit the road. 

We started our day with a swim at the Laugardalur Outdoor Thermal Pool. If you ever come to Reykjavik you this is a must for your itinerary. It was wonderful. We all got over any modesty we might have had really quick because the first thing you have to do when you enter is strip and shower in a large open shower room. There is even a person that works there that stands guard to make sure you wash good. One thing I can say for sure Icelanders take their pools very seriously and I don't blame them. Even at thirty something degrees the warm waters were so relaxing, refreshing, cleansing, therapeutic, and many more adjectives. The kids had a blast playing in the warm waters but their favorite part was the giant slide that was there. It was the size of one you' expect to see at a water park in the states except no lines,  no young pushy slide guard telling us when and where to go, and we landed in the most amazing waters we ever could. Things are expensive in Iceland but I can say that was the best 1300kr I've spent here so far.

After our swim we  headed over to Cafe Haiti for some grub. Check out our video below on the experience:

A great visit to Cafe Haiti in Reykjavik, Iceland. The fish stew was amazing, the cheesecake to die for and the coffee... well there are just no words. 

One more video of the view from right outside the cafe.

Check out the videos of us traveling to Iceland and a tour of our apartment on out Nomadic Mama of 3 FB page at https://www.facebook.com/Nomadicmama3/

After we were stuffed we wandered around town until we found the Penis Museum. Yep! You read that right, we visited the Icelandic Phallological Museum today and it was ummmm.... educational. I'm good on looking at penises though. I don't need to see anymore for quite some time. My sons are too, lol. My oldest said after the communal showers and the museum he's good and will probably even close his eyes when he visits the restroom lol.

Once we had our fill of penis' we ventured back downtown, found a grat parking space and did a little browsing. That didn't last to long because by there we were all wavering on our feet so we decided to head back to the apartment so I could pack and the kids could nap. 

I managed to get all of our stuff packed so we can head to England tomorrow. So this is where I will end this post so I can go and get a nap in too. What was I thinking with a 6a flight?!?!

Until I see you on the road or somewhere around the globe... happiness, health, and continue chasing your dreams.

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  1. You guys are having an AMAZING time. Happy to hear about the weather.