Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Goodbye Sammie Blue... Hello Ramsey B!

Goodbye Sammie Blue… Hello Ramsey

We are very glad to be back on the road. We are currently in Little Rock, AK after spending three days in Oklahoma City, OK. We were “stuck” in Albuquerque for a week waiting to see if Camping World could figure something out about our RV situation. They did and after only 6 short months we said goodbye to Sammie Blue. She was a great RV. She go us across the country and half way back. She pulled us up mountains and around coast lines. She protected us from the fierce wind storms in California and the thunderstorms along our route. We will miss Sammy Blue but we had to let her go. We just out grew her. Being on the road for 50 days allowed us to get into a groove and we quickly realized the groove in Sammy Blue was just not doable for long term living. Plus, she was starting to wear out. Things kept breaking that I had to keep fixing and the costs were taking their tolls. So we left Sammy in New Mexico and drove away with Ramsey.

With no further ado we would like to introduce you to Ramsey B, our new to us Holiday Rambler Admiral. 

She is 37ft (where Sammie Blue was only 32) and has three slides (where Sammie Blue had none). She is a class A so that has taken some adjustment to get used to. We have been creative with the sleeping arrangements but now we actually have the space to get creative. I was terrified to drive away with her but after some self taught lessons on the open road I now wheel this big beast with confidence.

We are getting closer to North Carolina. While none of us is ready for the trip to be over we are excited to get home to unpack Ramsey just to pack her back up and get ready to head back out. We have two months of international travel ahead of us and then we will pack it all up and head back to Las Vegas.

So much to look forward to… and I didn’t even make our big announcement yet ;-).

Stay tuned for more…

So until I see you on the road or somewhere around the globe… peace, love, and happiness

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