Thursday, January 28, 2016

Days 20-23 On the Road (Resting Along the Colorado River)

It’s been pretty quite around here since we left the desert huh? That’s because we have been resting and regrouping. I have been under the weather for a few days. I can tell you that being sick on the road is no fun. There were many things that I never considered about being ill on the road and I wasn’t prepared. Now I know and will certainly stock up on the ‘under the weather’ essentials for me and the kids. 

It’s also been pretty quite because I am working, at least in my head, on some major moves. Some interesting ideas have ‘popped up’ mixed with the ideas that were already floating around in my head and instead of pushing them to the side, I have decided to act on them. Heck, I’m already in the business of chasing my dreams right? Why not go for the gusto and chase them all. So I have been quiet while I think and plan, develop.

You haven’t missed much honestly (besides us smashing our goal of reaching California). We left the desert on Monday morning continuing our route west. We drove for the next forty minutes until we came to a town called Parker, AZ. We stopped at the super walmart and restocked our RV. Two hours and $191 later we stumbled out of walmart and continued our journey. Fifteen minutes from that walmart we crossed the California border. It was an amazing feeling of accomplishment to drive past that ‘Welcome to California’ sign. We devoured our doubts and fears and conquered a huge goal, crossed a monumental milestone.  It took us twenty days on the road and 2,254 miles to get here but we are here!

We are resting at a campground resort called Colorado Rivers. It’s a really nice place and is giving us (or rather me) the opportunity to settle for a bit and recover both physically and mentally. 

When we leave here in a few days we will continue west towards Los Angeles. The kids are really eager to see the city and I’m eager to show it to them. The challenge is finding an affordable place to stay. From my preliminary research camping sites in LA range from $65 a might to $350 a night. That is complete lunacy, at least for my budget. I did find some spots that were around $35 a night but the locations are questionable so I will continue the search. We may end up staying further away from the city and will just rent a car and drive in. These are the types of decisions that have to be made on the road lol. It doesn’t seem like much but can become stressful, especially when you move around as much as we do. I feel like I’m constantly on the search for our next camping spot.

We will probably only stay in LA for a couple of days before pushing off and heading north. We will travel as far north as we can before the weather tells us to stop. I’m not a big fan of the cold so when we hit freezing temperatures I will be turning this rig around and heading back to warming climates.

So, I say all of this to say, you may not hear much from us over the next couple of days as we enjoy our time resting at this campground resort. I will be posting about other things but not so much about our journey until we are driving again.

So until we are back on the road… peace, love, and get plenty of rest.


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