Saturday, January 23, 2016

Days 16-18 on the the road: Tombstone, AZ

Tombstone is an amazing little town so full of such an interesting and rich history. It's as if it has been preserved in a time capsule for the last 135 years. 

It's a place that certainly should be added to your bucklist of places to visit if you haven't already. 

It was the stuff dreams are made of for my six year old (as well as my ten and thirteen year old)... Cowboys, gunslingers, gun fights, miners, horses, ghosts, heroes and bad guys. My six year old, who now only responds to being called Doc Holiday, couldn't get enough. It's the only place on this trip so far that has truly captivated him. I can't do it just in my description of the place so I'll finish this post with pictures (that, too, probably can't do it justice).

Until the next post... Peace from the City to Tough to Die!


Me and my Jr Outlaws running from the law

Can you believe he gave these kids a gun?!?!
Getting the 'stache trimmed at the Tombstone Mustachery
Nice! He wanted to look like Doc Holiday. Pretty good match don't ya think?
Some original artifacts from Tombstones wild west days
At the Birdcage... It's history is worth looking up. The wildest, raunchiest, rowdiest place in the country
Going down under to see where it all began
Mining with the Miner
Doc Holiday showin 'em whose boss
Running those cowboys out of town
Because... why not?!?!
A buffalo burger, fries, and sarsaparilla- Tombstones staple 
Ummmmmmm.... I have nothing for this one

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