Friday, January 15, 2016

Days 8-11 On the Road (Bdays, zoos, museums, and more)

Let me begin this blog by saying I am in LOVE with San Antonio, TX. The sights, the sounds, the smells, the people, the food, the atmosphere… aaaaahhhhhh! I just can’t get enough. But before I jump into that let me back this up a bit. Ok! Where to start? For starters, my baby is 6years old. He celebrated his birthday on Tuesday. We woke and and he and I snuck off for a breakfast together, just he and I. We celebrated with our friends during the ay and chuck made Nay’s favorite meal (grilled burgers) that evening. Nay played hard and overall had a wonderful day. It was tough to leave our friends the next day. The kids were so sad to go. They are already planning when we can visit Mobile again.

He's a big boy 6y old now!

Getting on the road was smooth and easy. We jumped on I-10 a couple of miles from our friend’s house and it was smooth sailing. We drove into Mississippi where we found an RV dump station on a rest stop. After emptying our tanks and using the restroom we were back on the road. The next couple of hours were easy. I drove until I was tired and that placed us right outside of Lake Charles, LA. I called around and found a campground, Cajun Palms. We set up camp and then settled in for the night. We were up early the next day. We started the process of cleaning of the RV. When we left we were just throwing stuff in here just to hit the road. It finally came time to face the piles of stuff and find a place for everything. We spent the first three hours of the morning sorting and organizing and then we were off toward Houston.

We arrived in Houston around 3p. We had planned on heading straight to the Houston Space Center but we would have only had an hour and at $90 for my family to get in that was not an option. The cost of the space center was prohibitive and we decided to use our reciprocal passes to the children’s museum and Houston zoo. With this new change of plans we back tracked and head west toward the city. 

We found a large public parking lot and took a chance and parked there. It was only two blocks from the museum in an area called the museum district. For the next three hours we played, tinkered, built, and created at the Children’s Museum and had an amazing time. The museum was really great and I highly recommend it to anyone passion through the area. My 6 year old, 10 year old and even 13 year old all loved it.

After the museum we called around for a campground and found one that had one spot left. We snatched up that spot and after a little confusion we parked and settled in for the night.

I was able to get up and get us packed up while the kids were still sleeping. I maneuvered through the city without waking them up and found a place to park in the large, empty parking lot of the zoo. The kids were excited to wake up at the zoo. I loved traveling with our house on our back.

We really really enjoyed Houston Zoo. We used our reciprocal pass and save $60 but it would have been worth it if we had not. We saw lions, and tigers, and bears! Oh My! My two youngest feda giraffe and we were not impressed with his tongue lol.

When we returned to Sammie Blue after the zoo we were surprised to see our RV surrounded by cars. We were trapped. With the help of this nice family, whom I’m eternally grateful to, we inched our way out without causing any major damage to any other vehicles.

We got on the road and headed straight to San Antonio. It was s month and easy three hour drive with nothing but a vastness of green land and cows to look at along the way. We got to our campground and settled in. We met and chatted with the neighbors and then we were off to catch the city bus downtown. The Riverwalk of San Antonio is wonderful. The kids and I enjoyed a guided boat ride around the river, we had some awesome Mexican food from a food truck on Main St, and watched the most amazing light show at the Cathedral of San Fernando. We did get a little lost trying to get back to the bus stop but that was not a nerve wrecking experience. Nothing about San Antonio made me want to clutch my purse or my peals and se we moseyed around until with located the correct stop.

We made it back to the RV safe and sound.  I’m super excited to see the Alamo tomorrow and to settle in here for the next couple of days. The driving is starting to get exhausting. I think I’m going to start slowing down and pacing myself. The goal was to get to California by the 21 but now I feel like if we make it great and if not that’s ok. Now that we are in an area that we have never visited I don’t want to let to much pass us by.

Until we see you on the road or somewhere around the globe… peace, love, and RVing

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