Friday, June 3, 2016

New trips, New beginnings, and a brand new LOGO!

I'm writing this post while I sit on the runway waiting for the plane to take off. I have the usual butterflies in my stomach that I get each time I board a plane or before a big trip. The kids are nestled into their seats excited, popping bubble gum into their mouths, and  doing some last minute things on their electronics before we hit the sky.  This moment seems slightly surreal. I booked these tickets nearly six months ago and so much has happened since then. When I booked this trip to Norway, Sweden, Italy, and Switzerland I was a traveling newbie. Now, I won't say I'm a pro now or anything like that but these last six months have propelled my travel status pretty close to professional lol. From navigating our way through Costa Rica in a part of the country where no one spoke English, to dealing with the death of my mother while in Iceland, to wrangling three kids through the fast paced streets of London. And now this trip. Not to mention the epic 64 day cross country road trip we took in the RV. With that resume I think I can safely call us travelers. We still have a long way to go but we are travel newbies no more.

As we have advanced as a traveling family so has our brand Nomadic Mama of 3. Big things have taken place for Nomadic Mama of 3 over these last 6 months. The brand has really taken off and received some very interesting attention that we are both surprised by, extremely grateful for, and completely humbled by.

A few things that have happened for us and the brand: We have had several interviews that have been published in various media forms. I have been asked to speak as a solo traveling parent to other potential traveling parents on my thoughts ideas mregarding family travel. I was asked and participated as a speaker in a family travel telesummit. And a huge accomplishment was the successful launch of Go Places and Go Places Jr travel magazines. And all of this has occurred just in the last six months. It's mind blowing but it's mostly humbling. You all, any and everyone reading this right now, have made all of this possible and what Nomadic Mama of 3 is today. Your support, encouragement, and cheering us on has  given us the strength, gumption, and perseverance to continue this journey even when times were bleak and the thought of taking another step on this journey's path seemed impossible. So thank you to each and every one of you.

The journey continues for us however. We have many big things in store for us on this upcoming trip to Norway, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland as well as when we return. A big move to Las Vegas is currently underway and when we return to our emptied out house in Charlotte we will be loading up the RV and headed to our new home in Nevada. We will continue our traveling adventures just from th west coast side of the country. We will continue to run our travel magazines from wherever we are in the world and we will continue to build the Nomadic Mama of 3 brand. Whew! It's almost overwhelming just thinking about all of the great things that lie ahead. But we won't stop there either... Nomadic Mama of 3 will continue to push on. From planning and organizing trips so that you all can join us on some of these adventures to the launch of our Nomadic Mama of 3 logo and available NMof3 products. We have big things planned. Speaking of our new logo, please allow me to introduce it to you right here, right now. This logo is very special to me as it is the face of not only the brand I'm building but also the face of my children. It sums up everything that I am at this stage in my life... A mama, a traveler, an entrepreneur, and someone with a fresh start at a new life. The design came to me one cold night in the middle of the desert somewhere in Arizona while laying in my RV bed figuring out our next steps. I knew then that I wanted NMof3 to be a major platform to encourage family travel, solo parenting travel, and just travel in general and that night I doodled this logo on a pad of paper and carried it with me from then on out. I've been extremely lucky to see this logo from an idea that I sketched on a notepad to see it become a beautiful reality. Not only am I excited to see it as a reality but even more excited to know soon it will be available on tshirts, coffe mugs, and some travel paraphernalia and available to all of you. So without further ado... Our logo!

So as you can see my crew and I are bouncing back and doing well after an onslaught of major life events. We're continuing on...creating goals and chasing dreams. So until you se us on the road of somewhere around the globe... Hug the ones you love, take the chance you're scared to talk and keep traveling.

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