Monday, February 15, 2016

Day 31-40 on the Road: Las Vegas!

Wow! What a week. We have been living it up in Las Vegas for the last nine days. This is truly a fantastic city. It has so much to offer for city goers as well as those seeking a more suburban feel. There are museums, parks, nature preserves, lakes, amusement parks, interactive farms and orchards and that's no even considering all that there is to do downtown and near the strip. There are groups and clubs to join that satisfy even the most unusual hobbies and interests. The kids and I love it. We love it so much so that we are strongly considering packing up and moving here, making Las Vegas our new home base.

We drove into Vegas after spending the night at a truck stop in Barstow, California. We were all excited to be able to get on a piece of the historic Route 66 right outside of Bartstow even if it was only for a few miles. Of course we stopped and took pictures.

The  drive into Vegas was smooth. We arrived before dark and checked into our spot at the Clark County Shooting Complex. This is an interesting RV park. It is literally right in front of the largest outdoor shooting range in the country. I chose this place for my oldest son who is a shooter and of course he was in heaven. After we were all settled in we had time for the kids to shoot one round of trap. We spent the next day at the shooting range again and then first thing Monday morning we called Enterprise to come pick us up for a rental car.

We have spent the week exploring the area in the rental. We've visited museums, local parks, walked the strip, rode roller coasters, saw wild burros up close at the Red Rock Canyon preserve, as well as soaked in the tub in a fancy hotel downtown. We had dinner with my nephew and his family and I got to kiss on my sweet great niece. We've explored neighborhoods and visited schools and we are pretty confident this is where we want to land. We have also taken this time to get some rest on our journey. This is the longest we have sat anywhere since we began our cross country RV trip. Honestly, I'm not really ready to pack up and leave tomorrow. I could use another week settled in one spot, but the journey must continue.


Our next stop is the Grand Canyon and we are all looking forward to that trip. Fortunately, it is only two hours away from Las Vegas so it should be a stressful travel day.

So for now, I'm going to cut this post short and go finish enjoying this luxurious hotel. So until I see you on the road or somewhere around the globe... peace, love, and viva las vegas!

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