Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Reunited (with the airport) and It Feels So Good...

NomadicMama Blog Post

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh” That’s the sound of relief, peace, joy, excitement, and familiarity that my kiddos and I experienced just a couple of weeks ago being back in the airport. The trip itself was long and exhausting. It started with a two hour delay, followed by a two and a half hour wait on the tarmac, only to have to wait in line for eleven hours (yes, you read that right… eleven hours) with customer service only to be told there were no more flight until Thursday yet it was only Saturday. Even with having to face the Denver snow and get a hotel the kids and I were thrilled to be traveling together again. We all agreed that there was something about being in the airport headed to far away destinations that gave us all a sense of peace.

And we're off

Sleeping on the airport floor while I wait in the 11hr line

About one hour into our two and a half hour wait on the tarmac... so close yet so far away!
More snow for this boy

One happy 6yr old about all of this snow... one unhappy mama!

Taking over downtown Denver since we're stranded here anyway

We're all together so we're cool!

They mastered the cold snowy way... mama not so much!


So with this new year on us… and Happy New Year by the way… we are eager to put on our wings and are traveling shoes and hit those friendly skies and beat those foreign pavements.

The first trip that we have planned for 2017 is a road trip to Mexico. Living only three and a half hours away from the border we decided to take full advantage of our location. We plan to follow that trip with a flight to Cuba (courtesy of Frontier Airline for their earlier mishap). 

We do not have any trips planned after that but are open to suggestions. We are still on our mission to visit 40 US states and 40 countries by the time I turn 40 (and I turned 36 just a couple of weeks ago). And with all of these enticing flight deals going on right now we just might be able to take you up on your suggestion of where to travel to next.

So until we hear from you and where you think we should go next we will keep our eyes glued to the globe and wanderlust in our hearts.

So until you see us on the road or somewhere around the globe… Peace, Love, and Thankfulness!